National Warplane Museum Airshow

July 14–16, 2017

Star Geneseo, NY Star

National Warplane Museum Airshow - The Greatest Show on Turf

Historical. Nostalgic. Exhilarating. The 2017 Airshow

We’ve got blue skies and sunshine on the airfield this beautiful Sunday morning.  The P-40 arrived last night and will be flying in today’s show.   We’ve got a great line up for you today.  Don’t forget, you can still get discounted tickets here on the website and also at Rochester area Wegmans!  Bring the whole family.  Kids 12 and under are FREE!!

Come see the Greatest Show on Turf!  Voted the nation’s #6 top airshow by USA TODAY!

Whether you’re a WWII veteran, history or airplane buff, looking for a family-friendly event, or simply want to have some fun, the NWM Airshow has something for you. Enjoy two performance-packed days featuring vintage WWII and Korean era aircraft — fighters, bombers, and cargo — roaring overhead while watching simulated fights, aerial performances by military aircraft frontline fighters, daring aerobatics, and fly-bys.

This year’s theme is a Celebration of Women in Aviation!  There will be guest speakers throughout the weekend sharing their insights into their personal careers in the aviation world and Jacquie Warda, world renowned aerobatic pilot, will be joining us with her exciting performance routine, and the 99’s will be kicking off the weekend with a flying/driving poker run that will finish at the Airshow grounds on Friday afternoon!

Plus, don’t miss the reenactment camp and kid zone, which are sure to add to the success of our event in its 38th year. Pack up your lawn chairs and bring the whole family for this special event!


Kids 12 and Under are Free!

July 14

Arrival & Media Day

$15 Entry at the Gate

July 15

Airshow Day 1

$25 Entry at the Gate

July 16

Airshow Day 2

$25 Entry at the Gate

Entertainment in the Air and On the Ground! Performances & Attractions

Jacquie B

Extra 300 Aerobatics

When most people turn 50, they figure it’s time to relax and settle into neutral while coasting toward retirement. Not Jacquie B!  When Jacquie turned 50, she launched her solo aerobatic career with her one-of-a-kind Pitts Special biplane.  During the centennial celebration of powered flight in 2003, Jacquie finally quit the humdrum of a white collar profession and realized her dream as an air show performer, becoming the first female pilot to enter this business at the age of 50.

Jacquie B has earned her wings. She no longer qualifies as a newcomer flying for gas-and-a-hot-dog, as the saying goes.  Her time has come.  With over 2,500 flight hours and more than 100 coast-to-coast air show performances behind her, Jacquie has proven that she has the talent, stamina, discipline and guts to reach beyond the limits placed on her by naysayers. In fact, she broke even more stringent cultural boundaries when she became the first female solo pilot to perform at the 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show in the United Arab Emirates.  Jacquie is a powerful inspiration to the millions of fans who realize that they too can accomplish great things in life.

Misty Blues

All Women Skydiving Team

There are approximately 35,000 active skydivers in North America, and only 15% are women! The Misty Blues team is 100% women. The ladies on the team come from all across the US to demonstrate their amazing skydiving skills. Since the early 1980’s The Misty Blues All Woman Skydiving Team has been thrilling audiences at air shows, corporate events and other special occasions around the world. These exceptionally talented and brave ladies delight in displaying their parachuting talents that make them some of the most skilled skydivers in the world. They do things in the air that make people look up into the sky and feel excitement, patriotism or the thrill of a shocking visual treat.

Grumman TBM-3U Avenger “She’s the Boss”

Charlie Lynch


YakAttack Airshows is an international airshows team, performing with Vintage Military aircraft, serving airshows in Eastern Canada and the North-East USA. Solo and/or Formation aerobatic.

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